Even though I’m reaaaally inactive on this blog, I made it to 100 followers! <3

Ily guys. I will see if I can pick up making edits and gifs again soon. :3

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Holy shit that last one blew me away. Never thought about that one.

Olaf melting actually wouldn’t have saved Anna. Kristoff riding across the fjord to save her also counts as an act of true love, but the thing is, Anna had to give the act of true love herself, which is why her heart was thawed when she sacrificed herself to save Elsa. ( :

Wait - the creators confirmed that the mothers are sisters? Can anyone source this?

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petition to start referring to genderbent anna as ‘manna’

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Instead of drawing, how about I make gifs with these palettes? C:

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The one like I had on my voice post is gone

I don’t even care tbh. It’s not like it was good xD

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The Party Is Over (Anna's Lines Only) voiced by me
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Somebody (I’m sorry for forgetting your name! Please tell me who you were again, I’ll give you a mention!) recently asked me to upload some of my voice acting shenanigans and while I was busy at the time I just found a few minutes to try out some lines directly from the script. Don’t expect much from it.

I still have a lot to learn so if you want me to say certain lines go ahead and ask? :D

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Anonymous inquired:

I know this sounds kinda random, but do you have any Frozen dolls?

Nope! I wish I did though :( Really, the only Frozen ‘merch’ I have are the bluray and the Disney Infinity figurines. I just don’t have the money for anything else, nor do I know where and how to get it.

…Though I do feel like adding that I’ve got my mind set on the Art of Frozen next. I’m a sucker for concept art :’)

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One day I’m going to be on someone’s follow forever list

but today is not that day

Conceal, don’t feel. Put on a show. Make one wrong move and everyone will know.